Videos & screenshots of games & prototypes made by Boolean Games as well as games that inspire.

Work In Progress Ball Game.

Many developers start of with the Roll-a-Ball tutorial in Unity and I was no different. A few years after I done the Unity tutorials, I decided to re-visit the concept and try take it a little bit further, make it even more physics based and throw in a puzzle element or two.
I have some good ideas for this, but I'm still undecided whether this will undergo further development.

Inspiration: Haunted Maze by Edward Federmeyer.

Originally released on the Playstation 1 as part of the Net Yaroze project, Edward Federmeyer built this game in only 13 days. The gameplay itself is fun & frantic, but by far the best bit of the game is the soundtrack. The use of classical music only adds to the sense of occasional dread and the sound effects made by the monsters (zombies?) & your character when caught, are just hilarious.

Prototype Stealth Game.

Stealth Prototype

I love the Metal Gear Solid games, particularly the earlier 3D ones, I wanted to create a 3D action stealh game with inspiration from the Special Missions featured in the standalone disc for PS1 & as part of the Substance re-release on PS2 & the original Xbox.